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About Newell Sciences

Our Promise – Quality

We supply high quality hemp-derived cannabinoids. Newell Sciences is a leading cannabinoid cultivation expert and raw ingredient fulfillment partner that delivers premium, quality cannabinoid ingredients to the global market. Our premium ingredients are part of the UK FSA List of Approved Products for sale.

Established by the Newell brothers of Windset Farms®, the premium vegetable grower with decades of growing experience and unrivaled expertise in large scale agriculture. Newell Sciences produces year-round, premium quality, consistent product for their partners.

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overview of capabilities and offerings

Processing & Extraction Services

State-of-the-art Facilities

The Newell brothers have designed, financed, and built some of the leading glasshouse and field operations in North America over the last 25 years, including the 168 acre flagship facility in California.

Field Grown Hemp Capabilities

Our fully licensed industrial hemp farm in Arizona produces exceptional harvests year round. Situated at 3,000 ft elevation with rich top soils, high quality water supply and the perfect climate. Resulting in consistent, high yielding plants for our finished products.

Proven Leadership Team

Team dedicated and focused on comprehensive cannabinoid cultivation and finished product manufacturing.

Strict Regulatory Compliance

Engaged with regulatory bodies across the globe to ensure full compliance and product licensing, including Novel Foods.

Key investments Made

Significant investments have been
made to date in creating a leading
cannabinoid business for the
global market.

Industry Leading Experience

Extensive experience in delivering a wide range of high quality, innovative products across both the fresh vegetable and cannabinoid space.

Seed to Shelf

Newell Sciences Trusted Hemp
Process and Best Practices

High performing hemp seeds propagated to generate the best quality plants
First Harvest Crop
Year-round controlled growing conditions of high-quality hemp in Arizona
Premium industrial hemp cultivated and harvested for quality cannabinoid production
Extraction & Purification
Large-scale extraction of highly versatile oils for white label products
Formulation & Product Development
Manufacture of premium, high quality derivative branded products

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